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Reading Buzz | Website Design


Initial Proposed Strategy:

Reading Buzz:
Reading Buzz is an online database of videos for librarians, librarian aides, teachers and students.

  • Content should be minimal, with a voice that is inspiring and supportive.
  • Features: browse topics, read our blog, get involved, popular videos, new videos, from our blog, playlists, about us, contact us

Content Structure:
A simple task-based organization scheme should be employed. Labels might include Browse Topics, Read Our Blog and Get Involved. Clicking the "Browse Topics" button within the top-level navigation would reveal a fly out, topic-based organization scheme. The home page could also feature contextual navigation to provide direct pathways to themes such as popular videos or new blog posts.

  • The home page should feature a main carousel that highlights video content. Beneath the carousel, the site should highlight videos and blog posts. 
  • Video: Users should be able to stream video content within the site, and each video should have sharing and rating functionality. Individual video pages should contain suggested similar content to promote exploration of the site.
  • Search: A basic open search feature should be available to users so they can perform targeted searches for video content. Filters should be available, and might include topic, date post, grade level, etc.

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