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Fetch | Pet Matching Website


The Problem:
1.  Shelter animals are being overlooked. Animals are chosen by looks and age vs. being a good match for the potential owner.
2.  People are discouraged to volunteer due to lack of knowledge about the tasks, time commitment, schedule conflicts, etc.
3.  People are unfamiliar with training and behavioral techniques. They also don't know where to find local trainers.

Our Solution:
1.  Create a website/kiosk that allows users to create profiles based on personality and interests which matches to pets who are similar.

  • *Eliminates issue of the cutest or youngest dogs being adopted over dogs that are older and less appealing
  • Less likelihood of dogs being returned due to not "clicking" with owner or family or other household pets

2.  Volunteers can create profiles and match with a pet with a similar personality. They can then choose time slots to come in and play/walk that specific dog/cat/animal.

  • Solves time commitment issue as the volunteer can choose their own time slots just for the match pet
  • Increases connection and commitment due to individually connecting with a pet through personality

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