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Small Business Rebranding


Project Overview: 
Develop a promotional campaign for a small business which is in need of a stronger identity system. Research your chosen small business and re-brand the current identity, create an ad campaign consisting of three related full page ads and develop an application or website that will compliment the needs of the business.

My business for this project was the Songs of the Sidhe Day Spa. This spa takes up a small, and humble spot in downtown Kent, and only has one full-time worker, Ms. Kristin Driscoll, who is the owner. After discussing the spa with her, I saw that her main concern was having a professional atmosphere and appearance. She wanted people to know that her spa was very professional, and that it has experienced teachers and workers, who are all properly certified to practice massage therapy. She also mentioned that most of her clientele includes women around ages 30-50, and she showed interest in attracting a younger audience to the spa. After this interview, I was able to set out a clear path for my rebranding, and overall, I decided to create a clean and professional brand that demonstrated experience, knowledge and professionalism.

Name Concept:
The first issue I tackled was shortening the name to something less wordy, and more professional. The meaning of Sidhe, or Songs of the Sidhe, comes from an old Irish poem that talks about the Sidhe fairies. The legend goes that if you hear them singing, good things are going to happen. The name, Songs of the Sidhe Day Spa, however, is long and clunky. To solve this problem, I decided it would be best to drop “Songs of the”, and just simplify it to Sidhe Day Spa. This slight change makes the spa more memorable.

Logo Concept:
For the logo, I incorporated the same swirl symbol from the spa’s old logo design, but in a fresh and more subtle way. The swirl icon which symbolizes balance, growth, and peaceful connection relates very well with the overall energy you want to feel from a day spa.

Additionally, I used the typeface century gothic for the Sidhe Day Spa logo. However, I curved the ends of each letter for create a softer, more inviting feel.

Advertisement Concept:
My next step was to create a series of advertisements to attract a younger audience to come to the spa. I took activities that many high school and college students participate in, and related them to services they could have done at the spa. I took my own photography for these advertisements as well, and focused on making each ad have a relaxing atmosphere.

Website Concept:
For the website, I focused on creating a very professional atmosphere to further emphasize how experienced and professional the staff and employees are. I provided an About Us page to highlight Ms. Driscoll and her certifications and experience, as well as a services page that highlights all of the specials and amenities the Sidhe Day Spa provides.