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Project Overview: 
Interview a classmate, and create a book cover that represents their life or a specific story/event that greatly impacted them. I interviewed my close friend, Marissa, and came up with three different concepts that reflected important moments of her life.

Design Concept:
Days of Mary:
After interviewing Marissa, I found out that one of the most important people in Marissa’s life was her grandma, Mary. Marissa spoke about how her grandma raised her from when she was little, and that some of her happiest moments in life are from the times she spent with her. Inspired by Marissa's stories, I decided to name the title of the book, Days of Mary, playing off the name of her grandma, and the idea that they were Days of Merry/Happiness. Additionally, I decided to tuck the title of the book into a blanket, representing the idea that Marissa’s grandma often took care of her and tucked her in to sleep. Furthermore, one of Marissa’s favorite hobbies is knitting, and she learned that from her grandma, so the usage of a knit blanket was the perfect way to represent that information. 

Hearing Marissa talk about her numerous passions helped me come up with another book cover idea, which I called, “Beginnings.” Marissa told me how passionate she was about art throughout her entire life ever since she was young, and as she grew older, her passion for art transformed into many different mediums. Additionally, Marissa said she absolutely loved history in school, and was just as passionate about that as she was art. Inspired by this information, I decided to create a children’s themed book cover to represent how her passions started while she was very young, and grew over time. I also decided to express her love for history with a globe on the front cover, and covered it with a crayon texture similar to a children’s coloring book to symbolize her love for art at a young age. 

One last story that stuck out to me in our interview was Marissa’s story about her fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Frank. During recess, Marissa always stayed inside and spent time with her teacher instead of playing outside with the other kids, and they ended up becoming really close. So close, in fact, that Mrs. Frank often called Marissa, princess, and always told her that she had a regal air about her. Taking inspiration from that, I decided to create an image of a swing to represent recess and the playground, and on top of the seat, I put a princess crown to represent the name Mrs. Frank called Marissa. Also, because of Marissa’s “regal air”, I wanted to create a really clean, and simple book cover, with bright pink colors that went well with overall theme and emotion I was going for.