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Banter | Shakespeare App


Project Overview: 
Research current digital reading and/or writing technologies. Create an interface or application that improves user experience and content management while also encouraging and aiding in online community and culture.

What is our goal?
The goal of the app is to inspire students to learn more about Shakespeare while improving their interest and comprehension.

After surveying 60+ high school students, we found that watching videos, acting scenes out and getting modern day translations for the text are the three best ways to help high school students understand Shakespeare. We learned that 89% of students do not read Shakespeare outside of class, and the words most commonly associated with Shakespeare are confusing, boring and difficult.

Our Solution:
Our app tackles every aspect of Shakespeare so it can help students to learn and comprehend the text in many different ways, based on how they learn best. It also brings in a game element that encourages students to connect through the app, challenge each other and earn points (or "shillings") to buy in-game prizes, trophies and accessories.

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